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Baeleay Callister is an Advanced Instructor who has been involved with OB since early 1984. She has studied extensively with the Founder, Dr.Arthur Lincoln Pauls and many other wonderful Instructors that started with Arthur in 1978 or soon thereafter. She began a practice almost immediately and began teaching in 1991.

She has since taught all over Canada , the US and Mexico. Baeleay is also an Instructor Trainer , helped found The Ortho-Bionomy Association of Canada and continues to support curriculum development for Practitioners and Instructors as an advisor.

Baeleay teaches with humour  and deep respect for the students and clients wishing to share this amazing modality. It is more like a map of how to do life in a gentle way and be with what is , to assist in the recognition of what is.

She draws on a rich life experience background  working with and learning from some of the great Spiritual Leaders  and great thinkers of our time, all of whom bring her back to the simple elegant principles of Ortho-Bionomy. Though simple, these principles have far reaching applications for all of life and a model of being. It serves us, and our students and subsequently our clients to remind us all that we indeed have the way to heal from within.

She has also worked with Harreson Sinclaire , Arthurs son, over the span of many years,, to edit and make available many videos with original footage from several years of Dr. Pauls teaching in classes and Residentials. For more information about the videos, contact SOBI, The Society of Ortho-Bionomy International

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